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Offshore Oil Related Development

Drilling on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland has resulted in major oil discoveries and potential for additional discoveries which tax the imagination. Extensive planning has been carried out by the oil companies and by governments. Newfoundland Design Associates Limited has led a number of significant planning studies which have included assessing various offshore oil development scenarios, defining industrial and service opportunities and identifying the infrastructure requirements to respond to those opportunities in their logical locations. As part of this process, key members of the firm have made a number of study visits to countries involved in the North Sea oil industry to establish an overview of the nature and impact of offshore oil development and to examine relevant facilities in detail.

The major infrastructure requirements for development on the Grand Banks which have been the subject of significant planning studies by Newfoundland Design Associates Limited are as follows:
  • Construction yard and facilities for oil production platform concrete gravity bases and their mechanical outfitting.
  • Fabrication and assembly facilities for topsides requirements.
  • Facilities for fabrication of topside modules, sub-assemblies and sub-sea systems, also yards for pipe coating, etc.
  • Yard and facilities for construction of semi-submersible drilling and production platforms and other vessels.
  • Semi-submersible oil rig servicing facilities
  • Offshore supply bases and back-up storage facilities

Newfoundland Design Associates Limited has also carried out engineering planning, design and construction management for the implementation of several significant offshore oil related infrastructure projects including:
  • Oil rig servicing facility
  • Ship repair and maintenance facility for supply boats and support vessels
  • Supply base expansion
  • Industrial land development

As the potential of offshore oil development is realized, Newfoundland Design Associates Limited stands ready to play a major part in the development which will accrue from it. The firm will do this by timely expansion of its
in-house capabilities and by appropriate joint venture arrangements.

Service, Supply and Support Facilities Implemented
(Planning, detailed design, contract administration and inspection of construction in all cases)

  • A docking and servicing facility for a wide range of semi-submersible oil rigs and support vessels for Marystown Shipyard Limited at Cow Head in Mortier Bay.
  • A major Syncrolift type ship elevator and transfer facility at St. John's Harbour for servicing supply boats and support vessels weighing up to 4000 tonnes and 90 metres in length, for Newfoundland Dockyard.
  • Supply base expansion and back-up industrial land development for A. Harvey & Company. · Industrial land development at Donovans.