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Newfoundland Design Associates Ltd.
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370 Torbay Road
St. John's, Newfoundland
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Municipal and Regional Services

Since the mid 1960's when the provision of municipal servicing in Newfoundland communities started in earnest, Newfoundland Design Associates Limited has been in the forefront of this field. The firm has worked in municipalities throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

In dealing with the numerous problems of constructing water and sewerage systems and road improvements in long-established communities, a very sensitive approach is required to the social and environmental impact as well as to the physical impact of the construction of the project. Through indigenous appreciation and extensive experience in numerous communities, the personnel of Newfoundland Design Associates Limited combine this sensitivity with sound planning and design and thorough control of cost and quality during construction. In many cases, the firm has identified opportunities for co-operation between communities in order to reduce the capital and operating cost of municipal works to each.

The firm has contributed extensively to the design standards now used in community water and sewerage systems. It has also pioneered practical innovations to minimize physical impact and costs especially where unstable soil conditions and/or rock are encountered. Among these are very flat graded local sewers to minimize depth of cut and reduce the number of sewage pumping stations required within a community. The success of these is based upon very careful empirical as well as theoretical design coupled with strict supervision of construction. Examples of other innovations for special conditions include a water distribution and sanitary sewerage system supported on a treated timber pile system for a part of a community built on deep peat, also a sewer outfall for a coastal location open to the Atlantic and subject to iceberg impact and heavy seas.

In the urban areas of Newfoundland, the firm has undertaken study, design and construction management of municipal and regional services of a broader and larger nature. These have involved study of expansions to city water supply systems and master planning for regional sewage collection and disposal systems followed by implementation engineering. Such projects have generally been regional planning and servicing undertakings involved several levels of government and have included various environmental studies.

The members of Newfoundland Design Associates Limited have long appreciated the need for a comprehensive and integrated approach to municipal and regional services and the protection of natural life-supporting and recreational resources. Accordingly, a multi-disciplinary approach is always emphasized in order to understand and to mitigate negative impacts.

Municipal Water & Sewerage Systems

  • Badger· Bonavista
  • Centreville-Wareham-Trinity
  • Clarenville
  • Corner Brook
  • Dover
  • Forteau
  • Gambo
  • Glovertown
  • Lumsden
  • Old Perlican
  • Paradise
  • Petty Harbour
  • Rocky Harbour
  • St. John's
  • Spaniard's Bay
  • Torbay
  • Trinity, Bonavista Bay
  • Upper Island Cove
  • Wareham
  • Winterton
  • Woody Point

Road Improvements and Paving

  • Bonavista
  • Brigus
  • Clarkes Beach
  • Glovertown
  • Keels
  • Labrador City
  • Paradise
  • Petty Harbour
  • St. John's
  • Spaniard's Bay
  • Upper Island Cove
  • Wedgewood Park

Industrial Water Supply Systems

  • Bonavista
  • Dildo
  • Grand Bank
  • Harbour Grace
  • St. Anthony
  • St. Mary's Bay Industrial Water Supply Study



Regional Services
  • St. John's Regional Water Study Update
  • Waterford Valley Study
  • Windsor Lake Study
  • Additional Water Supply Study, St. John's & Environs
  • Exploits Regional Water Supply Alternative Source and Treatability Study
  • Curling Water Supply System Improvements Program, City of Corner Brook
  • Corner Brook Stream Water Supply Improvements Program, City of Corner Brook
  • Upper Island Cove Regional Water Supply System
  • Mount Pearl New Town External Servicing, Various Studies
  • (master plan for trunk sewage collection and disposal/treatment system)
  • (master plan for trunk sewage collection and disposal/treatment system)
  • St. John's Harbour Assimilative Capacity Study
  • Waterford Valley Relief Trunk Sewer
  • Pleasantville Trunk Sewer Extension
  • Quidi Vidi Trunk Sewer
  • Quidi Vidi Sewer Tunnel & Temperance Street Outfall
 Solid Waste Management
  • Conception Bay Centre Solid Waste Study and Incinerator Development
  • Labrador City-Wabush Solid Waste Incinerator
  • Terra Nova Regional Solid Waste Management Study and Sanitary Landfill Site Development
  • Gros Morne Solid Waste Disposal Study
  • Rocky Harbour-Norris Point Sanitary Landfill Site Development
  • Conception Bay Centre Car Wreck Collection and Disposal Study