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Newfoundland Design Associates Ltd.
Bally Rou Place
370 Torbay Road
St. John's, Newfoundland
Canada A1A 3W8

Telephone: 709-726-4490
Telefax: 709-726-4499

Buildings and Plant Facilities

With the natural environment of these latitudes, it is crucial to our well-being to have protection from the elements and a safe, comfortable and energy efficient man-made environment for living, recreation, health care and in which to work to produce the goods and services for our complex economy.

From its very early years, Newfoundland Design Associates Limited has provided engineering service to owners and architects for the planning, design and construction supervision of a wide spectrum of building projects and plant facilities. Modern buildings are very much multi-disciplinary projects whose technology is constantly evolving. They require from their engineers: good site development and servicing; both strong and elegant structural systems; comfortable and healthy building environment using sophisticated heating, ventilating, air conditioning and lighting systems all based on efficient energy management; and last but not least, reliable and economical plumbing systems.

The scope of engineering services provided by Newfoundland Design Associates Limited for residential, commercial, institutional, health care and industrial buildings and building complexes is as follows:


  • heating
  • ventilation and air-conditioning
  • fire protection
  • plumbing
  • special systems, medical, supervisory, computer rooms
  • refrigeration
  • industrial processes
  • energy management and conservation
  • energy audits
  • heating plants
  • waste heat recovery
  • incineration
  • heat from solid fuels and waste


  • site investigation and selection
  • access, site development and drainage
  • water supply and sewage disposal
  • roadways, parking and landscaping


  • power supply and distribution
  • lighting - building, site and industrial
  • protection and alarm systems
  • control systems
  • communication systems
  • cable and closed circuit T.V. systems


  • assessment of soils testing results
  • investigation and selection of optimum structural system and materials
  • foundations
  • structural frame and bearing walls
  • special structural design for architectural features