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Newfoundland Design Associates Ltd.
Bally Rou Place
370 Torbay Road
St. John's, Newfoundland
Canada A1A 3W8

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Urban Land and Building Site Development

We live in a world of growing population and growing urbanization. Within the context of regional planning, regional servicing schemes and arterial road systems, urban development engineering seeks to provide water, sanitary and storm sewer services, streets, sidewalks, utilities and recreational areas. Because this is continually challenged by both the economics of providing the standard of services which the public demands and the impact of development on the environment, it is essential that a comprehensive and integrated approach be taken to land development.

Newfoundland Design Associates Limited has carried out engineering for the planning and implementation of the majority of large residential and industrial land development projects in Newfoundland and is the acknowledged leader in this field. The latter has resulted from the following scope of services which the firm provides:
  • Contribution to development planning and policy.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Assessment of existing topography, soils and drainage patterns.
  • Study of development impact on the environment.
  • Subdivision and servicing layout with connections to trunk roads and services.
  • Liaison with government agencies which have jurisdiction.
  • Co-ordination with utility companies.
  • Cost estimates and schedules for servicing.
  • Detailed design of services and preparation of tender documents.
  • Contract administration and construction inspection.
  • Co-ordination for early building starts.
  • Overall planning of servicing works for phased developments for most cost-effective overall system and phasing.

Good engineering, especially for phased land development servicing, must meet not only the needs of today but provide flexibility for the future within a sound overall plan. There must also be an appreciation of the impact of first costs, a concern for the useful life and operating cost, for aesthetics and for the environment. Newfoundland Design Associates Limited continually strives for the best balance of these in conjunction with the client and in co-operation with the authorities involved.

Most of the same principles and scope of services apply to site selection and development for major buildings within the urban environment as well as at remote locations. In the urban environment, the challenge is the siting and melding of major building facilities into the urban fabric in such a way as to enhance both and to optimize access, parking and servicing. For remote sites, where the facility usually stands alone and has seasonal weather windows for construction, timely access and scheduling, independent servicing systems and mitigation of the impact of the project on the natural environment are usually added factors. Newfoundland Design Associates Limited has very successfully dealt with all of the above factors in site development and servicing for major buildings from the City of St. John's to the wilds of Labrador.